How to choose a bicycle?

A bicycle is one of the oldest vehicles, however, nowadays we ride our bicycles more often in our free time in order to relax, strengthen, exercise as well as be healthy and fresh. Cycling is a great cardio workout for the body, during which almost all the muscles of the body are functioning.

Cycling increases endurance, improves blood circulation to the heart and lungs, strengthens the muscles of the legs and buttocks, and increases the flexibility of the leg joints. While cycling, we breathe more air, so we relax, the tension disappears, the skin is provided with oxygen, which gives it a healthy tone, and it becomes soft and healthy. In addition, when riding a bicycle, a person drinks more water, which clears the body faster. A bicycle also helps to regulate body weight, restores shape, improves muscle tone, especially leg muscle tone.

Tips for choosing a bicycle

Since each type of bicycle is adjusted to ride on a particular surface, you should evaluate how often, in what areas and for what purpose you are going to use a bicycle: to spend your free time cycling in nature or to use as a vehicle in the city to reach a workplace, friends or supermarket.

Once you have evaluated these criteria, you can start choosing bicycles from these main groups:

Mountain – (or otherwise MTB). Suitable for cycling on difficult roads, forest paths or in places with no roads. Such bicycles usually have a classic sporting geometry frame, a narrow seat, a straighter handlebars, and they are packed with wide rough tread tires. Almost all mountain bicycles are equipped with a front shock absorber, others also have a rear shock absorber. The wheels of this type of bicycles are available in sizes 26 “, 27.5” and 29 “. Higher level MTB bicycles are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

Hybrid – these are universal bicycles, and they are one of the most popular in Lithuania. They can be used for cycling on roads with various surfaces, intertwined forest roads, graveled roads or asphalt. However, they are not suitable for especially difficult roadless places. A bicycle would be suitable for people who want to spend their free time cycling, easily exercise or use it as a vehicle. These bicycles have a universal frame geometry, and they are convenient for longer distances.

Urban – (classic or folding, usually single, three or seven gears). Classic frame, usually 28 ” size of wheels, panels, carrier, closed chain protection, most models have light equipment. Urban bicycles are very convenient to ride, and their exploitation is basically simple. Models with a low frame design are well-liked by women. These types of bicycles are suitable for riding in the city, in the park and for relatively short distances. Compared to other types of bicycles, they are heavier due to the appropriate city complement.

Touring – they are designed for both daily and long-distance travel. The set includes one or two carriers, mudguards, and lighting. The handlebar is classic, curved and sometimes multifunctional. This allows you to ride with a straighter posture, which is especially important on long journeys. The geometry of the bicycles also ensures a more comfortable seat, and often equipped front shock absorber ensures lower hand loads while cycling on rough roads. Touring models suit roads with firm surfaces and crushed paths, but do not present any difficulties when riding in parks or forest pathways.

Folding – choose these bicycles if you don’t have a lot of extra space at home, so you won’t find space for another bicycle. Folding bicycles are dynamic and will find a great place in your home, e.g. in the closet, on the balcony or under the bed. If you live in a multi-storey building without a lift, a folding bike – a great solution as you will easily take it up the stairs.

Road – these bicycles are for athletes, often professionals. They require constant maintenance. Their constructions are adapted to specific sports, they must correspond to strict technical requirements. However, this bicycle is not suitable for everyday use or tourism as it has a seat and tires that are not suitable for everyday riding.

BMX and DIRT are bicycles for performing tricks. They are distinguished by their shape – they are lower, sometimes even without seats, their tires are much wider than any other group bicycle. These bicycles also have footrests to prevent injuries and breakage of the edals during the jump. BMX and DIRT bicycles are chosen by professionals.

Electric – they are bicycles powered by electricity. These bicycles can be a great solution for people of respectable age, or people with mobility impairments who want to experience the pleasure of riding a bike without any extra effort.

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