How to choose a car for rent?

People who do not have their own car or when it is not suitable for the trip often rent a car for trips. This decision is motivated by the convenient ordering of services and the opportunity to get exactly the kind of car you need. Here we will share tips on how to rent a car in Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Palanga) for the trip.

How many people will go on the trip?

When choosing a car for a trip, first consider how many people are planning to go on it. If up to 5 people are traveling, you can also look among standard class cars. However, if you plan to travel with a larger company, look for a minivan that can accommodate up to 7 people or a passenger van that can accommodate up to 9 passengers.

Where is the trip planned?

When choosing a car, take into account the roads you plan to drive on. If you will be traveling in the city, economy or standard class models are perfect. However, if you intend to travel in the countryside, where the roads are often less than ideal, choose from SUVs that will comfortably drive you even on more difficult country tracks.

Fuel cost

Sometimes a car is rented for long trips, for example to neighboring countries. In this case, think about fuel consumption as well. Generally, it is easy to find fuel-efficient and travel-friendly models among rental cars. Then the trip will be not only comfortable, but also you will not incur big expenses during it.

Car accessories

Often, families with children rent cars for trips. Then it is important not to forget that a child seat will be needed. You can also book it with a rental car. When traveling, especially if you are going to unknown areas, GPS navigation is also relevant. Therefore, when reserving a car for a trip, consider what accessories you may need and use.






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